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It's Marmalade Time

We know guests love our home made orange marmalade and it's that time of year that the seville oranges are in season. They're only available for a short period so we have to make the most of them when we can, the whole house smells of orange at the moment. This year as well as the standard orange we've made orange and orange and coriander. The spice gives and extra warth and really brings out the orange flavour. As always we've made a few extra jars to sell so if you stay with us over the coming weeks and months be sure to pick up a jar to take home. Home Made Orange And Coriander Marmalade   Marmalade Boiling Away

First Signs Of Spring

It's been quite a long, cold winter here in the Highlands and it's not over yet with more forecasts of snow later this week. However the first sign of spring is already showing in the garden, the snow drops are in flower. Snowdrops in the garden

Front Double Deluxe Gets A Refresh

We can't believe it's been 5 years since we refurbished the Front Double Deluxe room. It was in need of a bit of a refresh as we felt the black accent wall was getting a little dated. So the whole room has been redecorated with a new, bright, warm design and colour change, the whole room and en-suite have been repainted and there's brand new black-out curtains for those long summer nights. We think it looks fabulous, hope you do too.