Who Ate All The Peanuts

It's strange, lately the peanuts in the squirrel feeder in the garden have been disappearing really quickly recently.

Then a couple of days ago I noticed this...

That's a fat looking squirrel

Looks like a bit of a fat squirrel.

Of course it's not, we've found the culprit. A pine marten has discovered the feeder and been helping himself to all the nuts.

Pine Marten eating all the nuts.
They're not meant for you

Don't look so surprised, you've been caught


This is kinda cute 😍😍 Pine Marten looks so adorable.He acts so innocently while eating this peanut behaving like he doesn't know that he is not allowed to eat those peanuts.
Chris said…
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Therese said…
Aw, that's too cute to be a culprit. They are so adorable too! contact us here
Owen said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Hmm. I'll even give all my peanuts for this cute little guy.
Unknown said…
Pine marten do actually love eating nuts and they are so adorable. Hoping to see one those in my area. Check us here
Unknown said…
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Lorriel Sims said…
She is cute when she says it was rotten just now, Just now it was rotten and san jose adu

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