Return Of The Lower Falls Glen Nevis Painting

I grew up in the South of England, both my parents were Londoners but they always had a love of the Scottish Highlands, they visited frequently and had friends living in Fort William, I have fond memories of family holidays here.

Lower Falls Painting Christmas 1970
Christmas Early 1970's, Hedger Household
For all of my youth a particular painting hung above the fireplace in our front room, in fact you can see it in the photo taken at Christmas some time in the early 1970's (yes, that's me, the painting is on the right above the old 1970's electric fire). It was painted by my father, he was an amateur oil painter but only ever painted 3 paintings.

After Mum (on the right) passed away in 1995 the painting ended up  in my attic and it's pretty much stayed there over the years, even here at Pottery House.

It didn't really mean much apart from the memory of it always being on the wall at home, until I showed it to a close friend and he immediately said "That's Lower Falls in Glen Nevis".

My photo of Lower Falls, Glen Nevis
I had to investigate so one day we took a trip, when we arrived in Glen Nevis it was quite an emotional moment because my father's painting is so obviously these falls and there really is only one spot that my parents could have stood on to see that exact shot of the falls, I suspect long before I was born.

       My Mums original photo from 1960's       

The other slightly sad thing is I have recently digitized all my Mums photo slides and among them I found her photo which my father used to paint the painting.

It seems a great  shame that this painting with such a beloved family history is hidden away in the attic, so in the last couple of weeks I have taken it apart, repainted the frame in it's original white, cleaned the picture and varnished it, it looks as good as new.

My Parents, Glen Coe, pre 1963 (before I was born).

I'm now proud to have it hanging here at Pottery House and 
you can see this little piece of my family history on the landing.

It may not be a masterpiece, but it's very special to me.
Lower Falls, Glen Nevis painted by Leslie George Hedger


It feels so good after reading your blog post,your story seems like a fiction story, Glad that i got the privilege to have my eyes upon. You must have felt so emotional while seeing that waterfall in real life,You would have missed your mother so much.I loved your blog post.

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