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Day Out To Applecross and Rogie Falls

The drive to Applecross is amazing and easily done in a day trip from Pottery House.

You head north on the A9 and then head towards Ullapool which finds the first stop, Rogie Falls. There's a suspension bridge for excellent views of the falls plus lots of walks through the surrounding woodlands.

The robin just sat on the directional sign at the falls just watching us, I think he thought we'd brought food.

From Rogie Falls we travelled up to Garve and then across some of the wildest and most remote parts of the Highlands to Achnasheen and LochCarron. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and surprisingly mild considering the time of year.

We stopped to take photos at Russell Burn and The Bealach na Ba, an absolutely beautiful spot before the climb up the Applecross pass.

The road then winds up the Applecross Pass across the plateau and finally down into Applecross itself. Of course you can't visit Applecross without a visit to the Applecross Inn where we enjoyed fish and c…

New Page On The Pottery House Website

Had a great idea the other day, don't know why we haven't thought about it before.

The Pottery House website needs a restaurant recommendations page.

Now added, hope you find it useful.

Pottery House Restaurant Recommendations. 

Red Squirrels In the Garden

We see red squirrels in the garden on and off throughout the year, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes there are here every day, sometimes we don't see them for days or even weeks.

At the moment though when natural food is scarce we see them every day, not just one either, this morning three have been chasing each other around the tree with the squirrel feeder on it.

It's lovely to see, the are beautiful animals.

Here's a few photos for you to enjoy, I'll try and post a video of them chasing each other.

The Orange Marmalade Is Nearly All Gone

The home made orange marmalade is nearly all gone, but don't panic, it's only a few weeks until marmalade making season is here when the Seville oranges appear in the shops, towards the end of January.

However just to tide us over I've made a fresh batch of our very popular lemon marmalade.

There's a couple of extra jars for sale if you're staying with us soon and would like some to take home.