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Tis The Season Of The Mince Pie

If you've stayed at Pottery House recently we hope you enjoyed the home made cupcakes we left in your room to greet you. However it is Christmas so if you're staying over the festive season there's home made mince pies to welcome you. Pottery House Home Made Mince Pies

Winter Storms Bring Dramatic Seas

It's great to see the frost and snow in the winter, but that's not the only excitement that winter brings. Low pressure systems frequently rush across the Atlantic into Scotland bring strong winds and that means rough seas. One such storm hit us a week or so ago, so we rushed out to the East cost and captured this photo at Burghead, between Naird and Lossiemouth. Was so lucky to catch the sun going down behind the lighthouse. Burghead

Skimming Ice Across A Frozen Loch Tarff

Loch Tarff, on the road between Whitebridge and Fort Augustus is high in the hills and frequently completely freezes over during cold spells in the winter. If you take a piece of ice and skim it across the surface it makes the strangest noise.

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We love our photography and living in such a beautiful landscape means we have some great photos to share like the one below. You can now see the best of our photos on Pinterest, see some of our winter photos using the link below. Winter On Loch Ness Loch ness From Dores Beach