Nothing Beats Home Made Jams, No... Wait, Yes It Does

If you've stayed at Pottery House I hope you've enjoyed our range of home made jams, but did you know that e grow most of the fruit too?

We have an allotment at the other end of Dores where we grow lots of produce, including fruits.

Our allotment with amazing views of Loch Ness

This year we've had a great crop of gooseberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and we've just started cropping the raspberries.

Red Gooseberries

Black Currants


Green Gooseberries

The Highlands of Scotland are well known for their quality soft fruits, due to the climate and the long hours of day light during the summer.
 Of course we have to make enough jam to last the year during the few weeks the fruit is in season, so it's a busy time and we like to make a few extra jars to sell because some people like to take some home.

If you've enjoyed the fresh flowers around the house many of them have come from the allotment too. Sweet peas are in abundance right now and the dahlias are just starting to bloom. Blue statice is a staple of our vases and looks great at the moment.

Blue Statice growing on the allotment
Sweet Peas


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