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New Online Deposit Payment System

We're pleased to announce a major change to our online booking system, making booking your stay with us quicker and simpler.
We used to take online payments for deposits through PayPal, but this was complicated to use, asked you the guest lots of unnecessary questions and was expensive for us.
We've now replaced this with secure online card processing company called Stripe, much easier to use and gives us much more scope for improvements to our system in the future.
Now when you click the "Pay Deposit" button you'll see this simple screen. Enter your details, click and you'll get a screen confirming your payment has been processed. Of course we'll still send a confirmation email.
If you want more information please contact us. 

Beautiful Day On Loch Ness

It's really been a beautiful week on Loch Ness this week. Clear blue skies most of the time and the Spring flowers are really coming through.

The countryside is covered is primroses at this time of year and they're looking spectacular all over the hills and even along the road sides here on South Loch Ness.

Another flower which covers the ground this time of year is the Wood Anemone, their tiny white flowers are all over the place at the moment, even in the garden here at Pottery House. 

And looking spectacular against the blue sky is the gorse.

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Crazy Nest Site

We often get birds nesting in the garden, in bushes, in the woodshed, even in the Ceanothus under kitchen window.

However this year a black bird has chosen a very strange site. She's nesting on top of the gas tank round the back of the house. I guess it's a perfect site as it's very secluded and the gas tank is too smooth for any critter to climb up. Just seems  a very weird site.

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