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The Daffs Are Out

The Daffs are out, not only in the garden but all through the village of Dores. They're looking spectacular this year.

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The Sound Of South Loch Ness

This is what South Loch Ness sounds like. It's beautiful, amazing wildlife, but mos of all it's far from the busy A82 road and the tourist traps.

Faster Internet Now At Pottery House

It has finally happened, we've been waiting a long time for this, but as of this morning we have a fibre broadband link so we're now getting 50-60mb internet instead of the previous 5-6mb.

So, much improved internet access for all.

Wifi has always been free at Pottery House and now we have a faster link it will stay free.

We always travel with our ipads, so we know how much guests value a good wifi.

Over the next week or so we'll be implementing a new wifi network to give a better signal throughout the house and putting streaming services on all the TV in the guest rooms, so you'll will be able to watch BBC Iplayer, Netflix, etc through the TV.