New Hens Arrive At Pottery House

We love those free range fresh eggs from our own hens and we know our guests do by the comments we get, especially about their bright golden yolks.

Our previous hens were getting quite old and not laying many eggs, so as our plans were to be away quite a bit last winter, come the end of October we gave them away. Don't worry, they were given to people that wanted them as pets, not for the pot.

So we've been hen-less since, buying our eggs from a local farm instead, until last week when ten new hens arrived. Before that though their coop needed some work.

Hen house all cleaned and repaired ready for new arrivals

The lids on the nest boxes and the feed hopper (on the left) were both rotten, so we completely rebuilt them. The whole hen house has also been cleaned all ready for the new arrivals.

New hens arrive but they're still shy

The new hens arrived a week ago, usually they are quite timid but this flock are a lot more brave, very quickly settling in to their new home. Normally we'd keep them locked in for a week to get them but as this lot were quite brave we let them out after a couple of days. They're a little skittish but gradually exploring more and more of their run. 

First egg appears, seems everyone wants to take credit for it

Then yesterday we found our first egg, a bit small but they always are at first. Looking forward to lots more soon. 


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