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Winter Refresh Ready For The New Season

Winter is a quiet time for B&B guests, so it's when we do all our tasks to keep the place in tip-top condition.

New Carpet Biggest change this winter is new carpet through the hall, stairs and landing. The old burnt orange had a certain character to it, but it was getting worn and dirty in places, especially on the stairs. It was also dark for what is quite a dark space anyway.

It's now been replaced by a much lighter gray carpet throughout and we think it looks brilliant.

En suite Refresh That's not the only change though, the en suite on the large double room has had an upgrade, a brand new sink with stylish cascade mixer tap and new flooring. The flooring we are particularly please with as it looks marvelous.

New Hens Our hens were getting on a bit and not laying as much as they once did, so at the end of last year they all went to good, new homes. Our new pullets arrive in a couple of weeks, just in time for Easter, although as they'll only be 17 weeks old I do…