First With Quality, First With Technology

At Pottery House we believe in good old fashioned quality.

Quality beds and bedding, quality showers, quality breakfasts and quality service, but that doesn't mean we have to be old fashioned. In fact often Pottery House leads the way.

We were one of the first B&Bs in the area to:

  • make online booking available through our website
  • make free wifi available to our guests
  • install wall sockets with USB charging ports in our guest rooms for phones and tables. 
Now we're at it again. We've just installed Internet streaming service on the TV in the Front Double Deluxe room.

Now you can relax in your room and enjoy UK TV Catch-up services such as BBC Iplayer, ITV Hub and 4 OnDemand on the room TV. There are also free Movie and TV services.

Why only 1 room???  Partly because we want to try this Streaming device and get some feedback from guests before we put in the other rooms and partly because our Internet speed is limited at the moment to 8Mb and this would struggle with Media streaming in all the rooms.

However in the next few weeks SuperFast Broadband is due to arrive in Dores and as soon as it does we'll not only make it available to guests via our free wifi but we'll also implement media streaming in all the guest rooms.



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