Fishermen used our sign for firewood.

Fishermen used our sign for firewood.

Yes, you read that right, a few weeks ago our 6' roadside sign disappeared overnight. If you've stayed with us you probably remember the old red and yellow sign, it's been there since long before we bought Pottery House and that was 10+ years ago.

We searched up and down the road thinking someone might have carried it off but can't have got far because it was so heavy, no luck. So we went down by the waters edge to see if it was there and we found some remains of our sign in a fisherman's fire.

So as of this morning we have a brand new sign. It's cream and green this time, looks more stylish than the old red/yellow. We think it looks great, we're very pleased with it.

Our brand new sign on the side of Loch Ness

Old B&B sign. 


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