Fairy Glen and The Black Isle

We had a trip out on Saturday, to visit The Black Isle. Although the weather was a little dull we still had a great day. 

Our first aim was to have lunch in Sutor Creek, which is a lovely restaurant in Cromarty that specializes in pizzas cooked in a wood fired over. Unfortunately they were full ( must remember to book next time ) so we had a very nice lunch in their new tea room on Church Street.

After a walk around Cromarty we headed for a walk around the RSBP nature reserve, Fairy Glen. It's great to see the pond there looking so mature, we remember when they first dug that out. 

Waterfall in Fairy Glen

After Fairy Glen we stopped off at Chanonry Point, bought ice creams (a 99 each), and sat on the beach to see if we could spot the dolphins, alas only a couple of quick glimpses quite a way out.

Then it was back to Base, if you're stopping at Pottery House, The Black Isle is definitely worth a look around. 


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