Front Double Room Refurbished

We've been working hard to improve our front double room, taking in to account the many comments we've received over the years.

And now it's complete we're delighted with the results, we're sure you will be too.

The En-suite

It always seemed a shame that in such a lovely big room the shower was quite small, so  we've installed a much bigger shower unit with a powerful "Jet Storm" shower head, for a luxurious and invigorating shower.

We've replaced the hand basin with a bigger model that has space on either side to place your bits and pieces. And there's a Cascade mixer tap for a touch of sophistication. (Mixer tap is one of the most frequently suggested improvements). The flooring has been replaced with a clean, modern design.

There's also a bigger mirror with built in LED lighting and it has a shaver socket on the side, for your convenience.

The Bedroom

The furniture in this room, including the bed, was replaced at the start of 2012 in preparation for this change, it's solid oak with a new firm mattress for comfort.

Now we've re-decorated the room and replaced the carpet. It looks lovely, and has a much more cosy and inviting feel than before.

This room gets booked out first so be sure to book your stay at Pottery House to ensure you get the dates you require.


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