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Inverness Highland Games

For the first time, we went to the Inverness Highland Games on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bats In The Pottery

Yesterday evening Glen was watching TV when suddenly something flew over his head. It was a bat in the lounge, don't know how long it's been in the house, must have come in through the patio doors when we had them open one evening. It took us ages to catch it. When we put it outside it was pouring with rain, so we left it to roost under the patio door in the dry. It's still there this morning.

Beautiful Day Out at Burghead and Lossiemouth

Was a beautiful day here today, so as we had the afternoon free we packed the car and headed off to the beach.

We stopped at Burghead first, the sea was so blue. Although the onshore breeze was a bit chilly it made for some great waves crashing in on the rocks.

Then we went on to Lossiemouth. Had a lovely lunch in the Harbour Lights Cafe, had a walk and a sleep on the beach, and then Glen went off to D&I Tropicals which he says is the best tropical fish shop in the whole of Scotland.

Red Squirrels Are Back, hurray!!

We've not seen any red squirrels from Pottery House in months. So we were delighted this morning to look out of the kitchen window and see one on the feeder just outside the garden.

He was there for quite a while, logn enough for our guests at breakfast to see him.

He had his feed of nuts and then left, hopefully he'll be back again tomorrow.

Grim Discovery

Glen was round the back of the wood shed yesterday trimming some of the shrubs when he noticed that one of the bird boxes on the trees was crooked. So he climbed up to straighted it out when he made a grim discovery.

It appears another animal, probably a woodpecker, has broken into the box to steal the babies inside. We've heard of woodpeckers getting in by enlarging the hole at the front but never through the side.

Sad to find this, this bird box will definately need to be re-built with thougher materials next year.

John o'Groats

Had an afternoon free yesterday, so headed out to John o'Groats as we'd never been there.

It's a long old drive from Pottery House so probably not one we'd recommend for our guests, but the sea views and cliffs are spectacular once we reached there.

Firstly we visited Duncansby Head and saw the Stacks Of Duncansby. I loves the cliff views and the sea, Glen loved all the wildlife, especially all the sea birds. There were also loads of seals, as the tide was on it's way out they were all getting out of the water onto the rocks to sun themselves.

We then went along to the coast to Thurso and stopped at Dunnet Head, it's the most northerly point on the British mainland. It was a beautiful day and the views are amazing, but the best part again was all the seabirds on the cliffs. We've had several failed attempts to get to The Isle Of May to see the puffins, so we were delighted to see them on the cliffs and flying back and forth from the sea.

Amazing day.