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Went for a walk along the Loch side the other afternoon, took this photo.

I'm rather pleased with it.


We have a couple of compost heaps on the outside of our fence. The chickens love to have a rummage through when we let them out in he afternoons.

Caught this one on top of the compost heap, eyeing up the vegetables in the garden and thinking about jumping the fence.

Is This The Ugliest Flower In Our Garden

We have loads of different flowers in our garden at Pottery House, many are grown for use in the house, on the breakfast tables, in the hall and in the guest bedrooms.

However, probably the strangest looking flower (and I think it can be classed as a flower) is that of the Gunnera, in the bog garden behind the pond.

It's about 2" high, spikey and dark red, and lasts for months.

I'm not so sure if visitors to our B&B would be quite so impressed to find this in a vase in their bedroom, though.