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Lunch At The Dores Inn

We had lunch with friends at the Dores Inn yesterday.

Had a great laugh with friends and the food was fabulous as always. We were surprised how busy they where for a Thursday, too.

Don't forget if you're coming to stayat Pottery House B&B we recommend you book a table at the Dores Inn as it fills up very quickly in the evenings, especially at weekends, holidays and during the summer months. There's a sample menu on the Pottery House web site and more information about booking a table in your confirmation.

Deeside and Balmoral

Haven't been out to Deeside before, about a 2 hour drive from here.

Some beautiful scenery on the way through Boat Of Garten, Tomintoul and on to Braemar. We can see why the snow gates on the A939 Tomintoul road are closed so often during the winter (we hear it on the radio traffic reports). It's a really windy, steep and in places open and high road.

We stopped at the old Lecht Mine, you can find out about the mine on the Glenlivet Estate website.

We then went on to Balmoral, really interesting to find out the history of the place. Can see why Queen Victoria fell in love with it, it's a beautiful location.

It's a shame it's only open to the public between April and July as we get asked about it a great deal by visitors.

Chickens Roam Free

We've had our new hens for about 6 weeks now, so it's time to let them out into the wild.

The first time we opened the door at the bottom of their run out into the forest they were very unsure. It was only when we threw a hand-full of grain outside their door that they went out to investigate their new found freedoms.

After a couple of days they are quick to go outside as soon as their door is opened and they love to forriage out in the grass.

Don't worry though, as soon as it starts to get dark they head home back to their coop.

Glen Finnan and the Glen Finnan Viaduct (Harry Pottery Viaduct)

It was another beautiful day here in the Highlands yesterday so we took advantage and went out for a run to Arisaig. Our first stop was the Commando Memorial, it looked stunning in the bright Spring sunshine, and so did the surrounding mountains.

We also stopped off at Glenfinnan, never seen it looking so stunning.

Glen Finnan Viaduct, also known as the Harry Pottery Viaduct

Fires In The Highlands

We went out for the day to Glen Finnan and Arisaig. On the way back along Loch Eil we noticed smoke rising up from the hills on the other side of the water. We stopped to see what it was and where sorry to see that the woods and heather where alight.

When we arrived home we discovered on the BBC News pages that several wildfires had been reported across Scotland.

It's very eerie to see for real.