New Hens At Pottery House

We were away for 6 weeks in February and March, and as our existing 8 hens were coming to the end of their laying we decided to retire them off. We found a lady on the Black Isle that takes in ex-battery hens and she was more than happy to add our 8 to her flock.

It's been strange being without hens since December, but this week we went to collect 10 new hens. There are 4 blue bells, 3 Black Rocks and 3 white ones (which we're not sure of the breed).

We collected them on Tuesday, but today was the first day we let them out of their coop. 7 have been out most of the day, the other 3 are a little more shy.

We had two eggs yesterday, and 3 today, but the eggs are quite small at the moment. They are young hens after-all.


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