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Flower Pouches

I'm not a great one for garden gizmos as most fail to live up to expectations, but one I would recommend is Flower Pouches. You can pick them up on Ebay for a couple of pounds, buy a tray of bizzy lizzies in B&Q for a similar amount, plant them out, hang them up and they'll flower until the first frosts. Just rememebr to water them, daily in warm weather, and feed them once a week. I've just planted mine and put them at the front of the house. At the moment they look like this..... I know you can see lots of the plastic bag, but if you feed and water as above within a few weeks they'll look like this (photo from last summer).

Wood Anemone

The wild flowers are always at their best at this time in the Spring, and this year is no different. At the present the wood anemone are particularly stunning, with their ice white flowers with yellow centres covering the verges, hill sides woodlands and even the Pottery House wild meadow.

New Hens At Pottery House

We were away for 6 weeks in February and March, and as our existing 8 hens were coming to the end of their laying we decided to retire them off. We found a lady on the Black Isle that takes in ex-battery hens and she was more than happy to add our 8 to her flock. It's been strange being without hens since December, but this week we went to collect 10 new hens. There are 4 blue bells, 3 Black Rocks and 3 white ones (which we're not sure of the breed). We collected them on Tuesday, but today was the first day we let them out of their coop. 7 have been out most of the day, the other 3 are a little more shy. We had two eggs yesterday, and 3 today, but the eggs are quite small at the moment. They are young hens after-all.

Litter Pick

We helped today with the South Loch Ness litter pick. Although this event runs every year it's still amazes me how many bags of rubbish are collected. Must have been about 40-50 today. Wine bottles, drinks cans and cigarette packets are the most frequently picked up items.