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Sunset Over Loch Ness

There was an amazing sunset over Loch Ness last night.

It was a very wet day and the weather system finally cleared away to the east just as the sun went down behind the mountains and Abriachan. You can see the line of the end of the weather system moving across through these photos and the blue sky behind it.

It was so bright that for a while the light went very orange.

Dr. Geebes, the stone man

Dr. Geebers, or George, has been on Dores Beach for a couple of weeks now, making the most amazing structures with simply the stones from the beach. His installation is popular with visitors and locals alike.

George is homeless and so he is walking the entire coastline of the UK to raise awareness of issues facing homelessness, making his stone designs as he goes.

There's more information about George and his intriguing journey in the Press And Journal article atPress And Journal

Chilly Clear Day At Loch Ness

It was a beautiful clear day yesterday at Loch Ness, and the insects went mad for the pollen, preparing for the winter ahead.

The Michaelmas daisys were particularly popular, with every flower occupied by some sort of insect, bees, wasps, butterflies and wasps.

Rainbow Over Loch Ness

There was an amazingly clear rainbow over Loch ness yesterday morning.

It was so clear that everyone at breakfast stood at the window looking out at it.

Half Pound Cake Recipe Added

SInce the Spring we've been offering a Picnic basket service to guests. This means that for £25 we will prepare a basket of home made goodies for you to take out with you for the day to enjoy. One popular option in this is home made fruit cake.

Several people have asked for the recipe, so we've added it to the recipe book page of the Pottery House web site.

Pottery House is on the TV

We're on BBC Scotland tonight at 7.30, on The Beechgrove Garden.

The folks from Beech Grove came here last week to help with a problem corner, our rose bed.

BBC Scotland