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South Loch Ness Heritage Tours

There are now organised tours of South Loch Ness.

See The Dores Community Web Site for details.

Coigach & Achiltibuie

We had a lovely day out today to Coigach & Achiltibuie, which is the peninsular just north of Ullapool.

Fantastic views, amazing mountains, and beautiful sandy beaches.

Finished the day off with fish & chips on the harbour front at Ullapool.


Wedding On Dores Beach

In the 6 years we've had Pottery House we've had many honeymooners stay with us, had 2 couples get engaged whilst staying and even had 1 lady arrive in her wedding dress. But this week was the 1st time that people got married whilst staying. Linda & Terry (lady with the flowers and gentleman in the white shirt) got married on Dores beach on Wednesday morning.