Which is Better - Silicon Or Metal Bakeware

Someone bought me a silicon flan "tin" a couple of years ago, but I was really not very impressed as it didn't keep it's shape when the flan batter mix was poured in.

However when I decided to replace my metal "mini loaf tin" that I bought from John Lewis years ago I was disappointed to find that they don't sell it anymore. So it seemed like a good time to try silicon again, and I purchased a set of 4 from EBay.

I knew the silicon would be very good when it came to it's non-stick properties, but was concerned about how long lasting it would be.

I started using both the metal and the silicon at the start of April and they've been used nearly every day since. And so far I've been very impressed, the rolls that we bake each morning for our guests do come out of the silicon very easily and it seems much less necessary to oil them each time. My only issue with the silicon is that the sides of the rolls don't brown as well as they do in tin, you can see this on the Granary rolls in the photos to an extent, but it is more prominent on white rolls, like our Maple and Oatmeal rolls.

Overall though I'm very impressed with the silicon bakeware and will continue to use for the Pottery House morning bread rolls.


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