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Which is Better - Silicon Or Metal Bakeware

Someone bought me a silicon flan "tin" a couple of years ago, but I was really not very impressed as it didn't keep it's shape when the flan batter mix was poured in.

However when I decided to replace my metal "mini loaf tin" that I bought from John Lewis years ago I was disappointed to find that they don't sell it anymore. So it seemed like a good time to try silicon again, and I purchased a set of 4 from EBay.

I knew the silicon would be very good when it came to it's non-stick properties, but was concerned about how long lasting it would be.

I started using both the metal and the silicon at the start of April and they've been used nearly every day since. And so far I've been very impressed, the rolls that we bake each morning for our guests do come out of the silicon very easily and it seems much less necessary to oil them each time. My only issue with the silicon is that the sides of the rolls don't brown as well as they do in tin, you…

Chickens Think Hail Is Dinner

It was really funny this afternoon, we had a light hail shower and the chickens thought it was dinner time, running around their pen gobbling up the pieces of ice. Never seen them do that before.

The Daffodils are out in force around Loch Ness.

It's been a long time coming this year, but at last all the daffs are out. And when I had a walk round the Pottery House garden this afternoon I was surprised at how many varieties we have.

The full set of Daffodil photos are on the Pottery House Web Site Photo Gallery.

Eco Potmaker

This time of year the greenhouse is full of plants waiting to go out into the garden. Now I'm not a great one for garden gadgets but someone bought me an "ecopotmaker" for Christmas and I think it's great.

Basically it's a set of wood blocks which allow you to make different sized pots out of old newspaper. You roll the paper round the block for the size you want and then twist it in it's base to make the bottom.

You can then fill with compost and put your plant in and water. The really clever bit is, when it's time to plant out you put the whole pot into the ground. The newspaper rots away and the plant is in the ground with the minimum of root disturbance. Wonderful!

Beautiful weekend at Loch Ness

It's been a beautiful weekend in the Highlands with hardly a cloud in the sky.

New Pottery House Gallery photos

We've added a new set of photos to our photo gallery page.

The Siskins Are Back From Their Winter Hols

Despite the heavy snow in the Highlands this week the signs of Spring keep apearing.

Today it was the Siskins on the garden feeders, back from their winter migration.