New Energy Efficient Lighting.

We're always pleased to receive feedback as it helps us to make improvements to Pottery House that will benefit guests. One re-occurring comment recently has been the lighting, particularly in the twin room. So this winter we have had down-lights installed in all our guest bedrooms, they give a much better distribution of light across the room and in keeping with our Green Tourism policy we've had LED bulbs installed so they're energy efficient too.

And while the electrician from Greensparks was here we had him resolve another point frequently raised by guests, the lack of a socket in the twin room near the dressing table so that a hair dryer can be plugged in. And he's also put a switch above the bed in the double rooms so guests can switch of the main room lights without getting up.


Anonymous said…
Right there with you on the lighting plan - despite having done quite a few electrical plans in my day, I managed to put the switch for the Track Lighting over our Home on the far side of the dishwasher, meaning I have to walk over to the switch every time I'm doing dishes and need more light. Oh well...

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