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New Energy Efficient Lighting.

We're always pleased to receive feedback as it helps us to make improvements to Pottery House that will benefit guests. One re- occurring comment recently has been the lighting, particularly in the twin room. So this winter we have had down-lights installed in all our guest bedrooms, they give a much better distribution of light across the room and in keeping with our Green Tourism policy we've had LED bulbs installed so they're energy efficient too. And while the electrician from Greensparks was here we had him resolve another point frequently raised by guests, the lack of a socket in the twin room near the dressing table so that a hair dryer can be plugged in. And he's also put a switch above the bed in the double rooms so guests can switch of the main room lights without getting up.

Snow Watch - Animals Under Ground

The BBC ran a special program a couple of weeks ago called "Snow Watch" which was all about how the animals survive the extended snowy weather we had this winter in the UK. One of the questions asked was how do underground animals such as moles and voles manage when the ground is frozen. The answer given was that these animals get about by tunneling through the snow. We were amazed today to see evidence of this whilst clearing up in the garden. There is a network of paths across the lawn leading to/from holes in the ground.

Chickens Get A Taste Of Freedom

After 4 weeks of refusing to come out of their coop because of the snow, our chickens finally ventured out today. They seemed very happy with their freedom and spent the afternoon pecking around the garden.

Hare Today

Whilst sitting watching TV last night we saw what we thought was a rabbit out in the garden, in the snow. However when we looked closed we realised it was a hare. Never seen one in this area before, and certainly not in the garden at Pottery House. He sat and watched us for a while, but of course as soon as I got my camera out he ran off, shame because it would have made a great shot of his dark outline againsts the snow and the garden light.

CHickens in the snow

Our chickens are now very keen on the snow.

More snow, and more snow pictures


Nessie Spotted In Dores

This nessie has been built by the children in Dores. Brilliant.