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Snowing This Evening

It's -2 deg here this evening and been snowing on and off. The tree in the front with the Christmas lights on is now covered in snow and looks great.

Snow On The Hills

There's snow on the hills on the other side of Loch Ness today, most if which has fallen during the day. This photo was taken out of the landing window this afternoon, here at Pottery House.

Striving For A Greener B&B

We're always looking for ways to help make Pottery House a greener business, so when the Energy Saving Trust started offering free online home evaluations we of course took the test. Generally we scored well, but after an inspection it transpired that our loft insulation, although correct when the house was built, is below the current recommended depth of 12". We're delighted to say that this week the contractors for the Energy Saving Trust called and added an extra 5" of insulation. We're sure this will help reduce our fuel consumption (and bills) as this will help keep all our guest rooms warmer. It's definitely worth checking out the Energy Saving Trust web site.