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Snow On The Mountains

Not particularly early or unusual this time of year, but a definite sign of autumn closing in and the oncoming winter. Looks beautiful thought.

Green Tomato Jam

We had a lovely lady called Jeanette stay with us during the summer and during our discussions about home made jam she told us of a recipe for green tomato jam. She very kindly emailed it to us after she arrived back home, as we currently have a glut of green tomatoes we couldn't resist giving it a try. What does it taste like? We'll, next time you're visiting Pottery House be sure to ask to try some. :-)

New Menu At The Dores Inn

Great News, there's a new menu at the Dores Inn, and it's even more extensive that beofre. Check out the new menu on our web site at Pottery House: Evening Meals Don't forget: If you are coming to stay at Pottery House we really do recommend that you book the Dores Inn in advance if you'd like to dine there, it is only a small country pub and it gets booked up quickly, especially at weekends. And it is the only venue for even meals within walking distance of us, so if you want to eat and the Inn is full it means having to drive somewhere.