Raspberry and Gooseberry Jam

We're been to our favourite fruit farm this week and picked lots of fruit for jam making. Sadly we missed the strawberries, the farm owners told us they were two weeks earlier this year due to the fabulous weather we've had in the late Sprint and early Summer.

But we did pick basket of raspberries and two of red gooseberries. The jam is all made and we even had enough gooseberries to make a gallon of wine too.

Guests often ask if they can buy some of our jam, sadly we don't make enough to sell on, and what we do make is served each morning for breakfast. However it's not difficult to make and we're now added the recipe we use to the Recipes page of the Pottery House web site.

The finished product.


Unknown said…
Cannot access the "Recipes" page to see the recipe. Is the page still available?

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