Kitchen Changes At Pottery House

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, one area of Pottery House that we've wanted to improve for some time now is breakfast.

We get many positive comments about breakfast, and that's great, but we want to increase the choice and offer some more sophisticated options. However we are strongly against the idea used in many B&Bs of asking guests for breakfast choices the night before and intend sticking by that. As it says on our web site.......

"We don't know what we'll fancy for breakfast tomorrow, so we don't expect you to".

That brings with it a problem, although Pottery House was built for B&B the kitchen only had a standard 4 ring hob. Just cooking a full Scottish breakfast on this was challenging, especially when all 6 guests come down to breakfast at the same time, offering more complicated options was almost impossible.

There were other design issues with the kitchen, the oven was next to the fridge so the oven was trying to warm the fridge up and the fridge was trying to cool the oven down. Also the fridge was quite small limiting the amount of fresh produce we could store. And the electric Hob was very slow, making it take longer to prepare breakfasts.

However last week all changed. We now have a large American style fridge/freezer so we can store more produce and have a ready supply of filtered water and ice, for us and guests. And we have a large 7 ring gas range cooker (there was previously no gas at Pottery House).

It's proving a challenge getting used to the new set-up, not least because nothing is where you expect it to be. And the gas hob is very fast and far more responsive, I have managed to set the smoke detector off every morning this week so far (no burnt breakfasts I hasten to add).

Once things have settled down and we're used to the new set-up we will extend and improve our current breakfast menu.


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