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Plum Jam 2009

Ok , it's not ready just yet. However if you stayed at Pottery House between now and last October you've probably enjoyed some of our home made plum jam, but did you realise the plums came from the garden. We have one tree, but last year we had so much fruit from it that we made pies, crumbles, jam and even two gallons of wine. At the moment the tree is covered in beautiful white blossoms, so here's hoping for a bumper crop again this year.

New Chicken Coop Roof

For some time now we've been aware that the roof of the chicken coop was getting old and leaking a bit. Then over recent weeks it has started to colapse. So we've been waiting for some good weather so we could get out there and replace it. Over the Easter weekend the sun has been shining, so yesterday we stripped the old roof away, reinforced the frame and put a new roof on. Today we felted the roof to make sure it's water-proof. And it looks great. Hope the chickens appreciate all the hard work.

Kitchen Changes At Pottery House

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, one area of Pottery House that we've wanted to improve for some time now is breakfast. We get many positive comments about breakfast, and that's great, but we want to increase the choice and offer some more sophisticated options. However we are strongly against the idea used in many B& Bs of asking guests for breakfast choices the night before and intend sticking by that. As it says on our web site....... " We don't know what we'll fancy for breakfast tomorrow, so we don't expect you to ". That brings with it a problem, although Pottery House was built for B&B the kitchen only had a standard 4 ring hob. Just cooking a full Scottish breakfast on this was challenging, especially when all 6 guests come down to breakfast at the same time, offering more complicated options was almost impossible. There were other design issues with the kitchen, the oven was next to the fridge so the oven was trying to warm the fri

Red Squirrels Are Now regular Visitors

We are delighted that the red squirrels are now regular visitors to the two feeders we have at Pottery House. Most mornings they appear at breakfast time, much to the delight of many of our guests.