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First Signs Of Spring

After we had almost 10 days of snow laying on the ground the Spring bulbs were very much on hold. But over the past week the temperatures have been up to 10 degrees C and the garden is making up for lost time. First as always to burst into flower signalling the end of winter is the snowdrops. And this year they seem particularly prolific, even groups that we've dug up, split and spread out in other places seem to have grown well and are covered in white bell like flowers. And it's not just us, they are flowering well in other peoples gardens too, and even appearing on grass verges and the Loch side where I've never noticed them before. Such a welcome sight.

Dead wood bounty on bird reserve

We are "Friends Of Abernethy" donating to help preserve and expand this Scottish woodland. It's good to see that the recent cold weather is having a positive effect in places.

Marmalade Time - The Finished Product

You can't beat the tang and intense orange flavour of home made marmalade.

Marmalade Time

It's that time of year again, when the seville oranges are in season so it's time to make marmalade for the coming season.

Land Of Narnia Found at Pottery House

After several days of various reports of a snow struck UK and not a flake in the Highlands, finally the snow reached us.....and what a beautiful day. Here are a couple of photos, click to see full sized. The full set of photos are on the Pottery House Photo Gallery at Pottery House Photo Gallery Snow Pictures 2009

The UKs Smallest Post Office Open Despite the Snow

Dores Post Office, reputed to be the smallest Post Office in the UK, was open as usual this morning despite heavy snow falls and road closures in the Highlands. As much of the UK ground to a halt in the wintery conditions Lily King's office was open at the usual time this morning, ready for locals and visitors to Loch Ness alike.

Extraordinary Sunrise

On Sunday morning we had the strangest sunrise effect I've ever seen. You see, the sun rises behind Pottery House, behind the hill, so we don't see the sunlight until it hits the hills on the other side of Loch Ness. However on Sunday morning there was a particularly red sunrise, no big surprise in that, the strange thing was that above us was a single, very large cloud which reflected the red sunlight down on us. The effect was beautiful redy pink glow outside. I first noticed the strange pink colour through the narrow bathroom window, so went out to investigate. None of the following photos have been edited other that size/resolution.