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Red Squirrels Return to Pottery House

Since we moved to Pottery House we have been trying to encourage red squirrels into the garden and have tried out feeders at various locations, up until June no joy.

Then we started to have egular visits from a red squirrel, (see previous post) sadly though the visits stopped after a couple of weeks.

HOwever in recent weeks he has returned, and now his friend comes along too.

Unfortunately we've neglected to refill his feeder over recent days and this morning his patients wained. He decided it was time to have a go at retrieving nuts from the bird feeder on the garage. So he ran up to garage wall and tried to pinch the nuts through the side of the feeder.

His friend then turned up, decided hanging off the garage was undignified, but watched to give moral support if nothing else.

The friend then decided the best thing to do was to show the householders that it was time to refill the squirrel feeder so came and had a look in the front door to see if anyone was home.