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Chickens Return to Pottery House

Up until last autumn we've had chickens at Pottery House for fresh eggs each morning for breakfast. Sadly though last year a pine marten got into the hutch and killed all our hens. Over the last year we've been fortifying the hens run and hutch, and as of the start of October we have 10 young hens. They are just now getting to egg producing age although the eggs are a little on the small side at the moment. They have a large run of their own however they can be quite destructive digging up flower beds and eating plants and vegetable so during the Spring and Summer they have to stay in their own area. During the Autumn and Winter we let them roam the garden free, they love the grass, any seed dropped by the birds from our feeders, but they also love to eat bugs and nasties lurking in the corners of the garden. Here they are roaming the lawn before bed time. (Yes, there is only 9 hens in the photo, have you ever tried to get 10 hens to stand in one place while you take a phot