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Forest Fungi

This afternoon I went for a walk in the woods around Pottery House, searching for fungi to photograph.

These are just some of the fungi I found. If you know the names please let me know.

You can find the full set of photos on the Pottery House gallery page at Fungi Gallery

I Bee Watching You

Although a little lethargic, the bees (and many other insects) are loving the ice plants in the garden at the moment. I guess it's the last big feast of the summer.

Blackberries In Season

Went out blackberry picking on Friday. Quite a good year for them, managed to pick enough to make 4 jars of jam and 1 gallon of wine.

Last time I made Blackberry wine it came out too strong, but after mixing with a rather insipid rhubarb wine I had 12 bottles of very nice country wine.

Fairy Glen

Haven't been to Fairy Glen near Rosemarkie on the Black Isle for quite some time. Not this year in fact, so went for a walk there last week.

Was delighted to see that the pond is maturing.

Would love to know what happened to the old bridge at the end of the Glen???

A couple of photos for you to enjoy............