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RSPB: Big Garden Birdwatch 2008

We took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch again last weekend.

Here are our results.

Common birds

Blackbird 2
Blue tit 6
Chaffinch 3
Coal tit 3
Dunnock 1
Feral pigeon 2
Goldfinch 1
Great tit 8
Greenfinch 1
Long-tailed tit 13
Robin 3
Wren 1

Scarcer birds

Great spotted woodpecker 2
Pheasant 3
Siskin 3

Siskins ? In the Winter ? In Scotland ?

Been rather surprised to see siskins in the garden over the past couple of days. Thought they migrated for the winter, at least to the English Riviera if not abroad.

There's also been an abundance of Long Tailed Tits in the garden, they seem to especially appreciate the fat ball stand that was given to us as a Christmas present.

Will post a long tailed tit photo as soon as I can take a good one.

A Strange Mist

An eerie mist has hung over Loch Ness all day today. Sometime in small wisps, other times completely obscuring the view.

Snow In Dores

Had our first snow of the winter today. Was snowing quite heavily around 10am this morning, but unfortunately it has turned mild this evening so the snow has all melted. Looks good on the mountains though.