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Loch Ness

Took this photo while fishing in Inverfarigaig last week. What a beautiful afternoon.

September Sunshine

It was a beautiful day today at Loch Ness, so while Reece fished, I swam (it was very cold).

Good Crop Of Plums

Over the last couple of years we've started to develop of fruit corner of the garden. And today we've started to see the fruits of this labour. We've picked our first sizable crop of plums. In addition to the plums tree we have two apple trees, a blueberry bush, a fig tree and a damson tree. Over this winter it is our intention to extend this area, we're going to dig out a large area, put plenty of manure in it and plant gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants.

Potato Crop

We've been down to our allotment this afternoon to dig out potatoes. It was very disappointing, a few new potatoes but the main crop was hardly worth digging. We did notice earlier in the year that the plants themselves died off very early, probably due to blight caused by the wet summer, so we suspect that's why the crop is so poor. Shame really, after all the work of digging the ground and planting them. Oh well, we will try and get some manure onto the ground this winter and them try again next year.