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Young Male Deer

This young deer was spotted just outside the garden fence a few days ago.

Fruit Picking For Pottery House Jams

We went to Balvraid fruit farm yesterday to pick fruits for this seasons jams. We went a bit mad. Brought home two baskets of raspberries, two of strawberries and two of gooseberries. Strawberry & Raspberry jam is made, just gooseberry to go. And 4lb of raspberries are in the freezer for wine-making later on in the year.

Flash Flood At Pottery House

We had an incredible rain storm this afternoon, it rained so heavily for a while that the guttering couldn't cope and was gushing over. After the rain stopped we went out into the garden to discover that the lawn had started to bubble up in huge mounds with water trapped undernear. The water was then forcing it's way up through the paving slabs of our path, gushing into the pond, overflowing across the path the other side, running across our vegitable patch and then flooding the chicken run. We've never seen this before at Pottery House even during the wettest times in the winter. Luckily the worst damage it has caused is to wash away a few plants and remove a lot of top soil. Water coming up through the path and running into the pond. Water then overflows out of the pond, across the path and across the vegitable garden. Runs out into the chicken run.