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Baby Blue Tits, with their mother

We've had two fledgling blue tits in the garden all day with their parents. They seems completely oblivious to us out there doing the gardening, the babies being more interested in the parents flying back and forth feeding them.

Garden Birds

The garden seems to be teeming with birds at the moment: blue tits, great tits, siskins, woodpeckers, pheasants, chaffinches, cole tits and green finches. Don't remember there ever being so many about in the 3 years we've lived at Pottery House.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers

Another visitor to the Pottery House garden, most often seen in the Spring and summer, but sometimes at other times of the year are Great Spotted Woodpeckers. They must have a nest in the trees near the house, because this male makes repeated trips all day between our nut feeder and the forest.

Summer Visitor Returns

The siskins have made a welcome return to the garden at Pottery House, in the last few days. We've only seen a couple so far, there where many last year. Perhaps the others are still on their travels back from Africa.