Water Recycling Project - Wrong Pipe Size

These things are never easy, there is always some complication not matter what DIY task you attempt (or is it just me?).

Today I finished all the outlet connections, these means that the water tanks are now connected to the shower pump and on to the tap on the outside wall. Hurrah.

Now to connect the tanks to the outlet pipe from the washing machines. First I ran one of the machines, went under the house and held onto the pipe to make sure I'm working on the correct pipe. The thought did occur to me that it's a little late in the project to be doing this, but as I'm getting to the point where I cut into the house plumbing and if it goes wrong we can't use the washing machines (which is a B&B may be a little of a problem), I thought I'd better check non the less. It was the correct pipe, phew!

Now it has occurred to me that if I don't put a U bend in the pipe between the tanks and the drains all the noxious gases will escape. It was then that I realised that the U bend pipe I had bought has a screw fitting on one end intended for connecting to the underside of a sink. Oh, no good for my tanks at all. So it's off to the DIY store.

It appears that all the U bends have the same fitting so the solution is to buy 4 x 90deg connectors and build my own U bend.

Back home, under the house I start to build my U bend and tank connections........OH! The length of pipe I have and the 90 deg connectors I've just bought are different sizes, only by a few mm but enough to stop a watertight connection. This is why I hate these sorts of project, there's always something that doesn't fit, or a bolt that breaks when you're trying to undo it, or a screw head that shreds, or a tiny part of something that breaks and makes the whole item it used to be attached to useless.

Back to the DIY store tomorrow!!!!!


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