Water Recycling Project - Update

It's been a while since I've had time to progress this project, but today I resumed work.

I've been trying to fit the outside tap on the wall and run the pipe through to underneath the house. First of all I found that the hole I had drilled was too small for a 15mm copper pipe, so I had to drill some more, through breeze-block, which is tough.

At this point I discovered that I couldn't find my pipe cutter, so this was my first trip to the hardware-store.

Once I had the pipe through I tried bending the pipe (using a spring) but the pipe buckled and I had to rip the whole thing out and start again. This time I left 18" of pipe protruding and bent it on my knee (again with a spring) and this time it bent correctly. But then I found that the bend was too shallow so I couldn't run the pipe down the wall to my tap. So that bend had to be cut off and I made another trip to the hardware store to buy pre-soldered elbows.

This time I soldered on the elbow and finally managed to get the tap fixed to the wall with pipe attached through to where the pump is.

Then back under the house, I discovered that the connector I have to connect 22mm pipe to 15mm pipe wont actually fit over the 22mm pipe. Don't see the point of that, maybe I bought the wrong thing. Another trip............NO!

At this point I'd had enough for the day as I'd been at it for 6 hours.

But I really do have to get this project finished in the next couple of weeks because the garden is starting to need water, plus my hanging baskets will be going up in the next few weeks and I'd really like to get an automated watering system connected to all them.

So check back for the latest updates soon.


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