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South Loch Ness Access Group - Web Site

We're pleased to see that the new South Loch Ness Access Group web site is up and running, with details of the new SOuth Loch Ness walks - Trail of The 7 Lochs. If you're planning a visit to the South Loch Ness area then we recommend you have a look at this web site, especially if you're in the area during 10th - 14th July when they have their trail launch. Full details at

Our resident Kestrel

Our resident Kestrel was seen in the garden this morning, dive-bombing the smaller birds around the seed feeders. It's a beautiful day here in the Highlands, clear blue sky and quite mild.

Work Completed at Pottery House

We've had the local electrician in most of this week helping us implement some changes at Pottery House. We wanted to replace the bedside lamps in all 3 rooms with wall lights, to give better light when reading in bed and to give more space on bedside cabinets. We've also had ceiling lights installed into the two double rooms to replace lamps on the desks. Again for better light and more space. The new shelves have also been installed in the ensuite bathrooms to give more space for personal belongings. We will update the room photos on the web site soon at very soon.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

During last weekend we took part in the RSPB garden watch project to count the birds in the garden during an hour. Full details are here Here are our results: Blackbird: 2 Blue tit: 9 Chaffinch: 6 Coal Tit: 7 Great tit: 11 House sparrow: 3 Long-tailed tit: 11 Robin: 3 Woodpigeon: 3 Wren 2 Pheasant: 3 Great spotted woodpecker: 1