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Cold, clear and beautiful sunset

It was the coldest day in the Highlands for 2 years today, with some places reaching -10 last night.
Today at Pottery House the temperature didn't exceed -2 deg C all day.
However it was a clear, crisp winters day with a beautiful sunset at the end of it.

Strange Clouds

There was a very unusual cloud formation out across Loch Ness yesterday morning, never seen anything quite like it before.
Almost looks like a hand.
If anyone knows the cause of this, please let us know.

Pottery House Guests Spot Nessie

Some recent guests of our sent us this photo from their holiday.

"I didn't see that when I took the photo!"

Pine Marten's move in at Pottery House

We've suspected that a pine marten had moved into the area, in fact we thought that maybe be hole that had been made in our compost heap was his.

This morning our suspicions where confirmed, when this fellow was seen coming out of the heap and foraging around the garden. We'd left some scraps out for him and one by one he took them and carried them away into the undergrowth.

Strange thing was he was here in the morning, about 9.00. Thought they where mostly nocturnal.

This photo's not very good, will keep a look out for him over the next few days and see if we can get some better pictures.

Pine Marten

We saw the first Pine Marten ever at Pottery House this evening. We were watching TV when we saw a shadow run past the patio doors. When we looked out the front we saw him rooting through our plant pots.

Didn't get a photo, will try next time as we've put out a peanut butter sandwich for him ( a Pine Marten favourite, so we've been told).

First Snows of Winter 2007/2008

The mountains on the other side of Loch ness from Dores had snow on them this morning, the first of this winter. Only a light covering, but snow non-the-less.

Autumn Progression

Although we are almost 2/3 of the way through October the garden is still full of colour.

Here are a few random photostaken this afternoon in the garden.

New Chickens

Our breakfast eggs are supplied by our chickens, out in the garden. However our last group of 7 hens where getting on a bit and had stopped laying. It was time to pension them off, so they were given to a lady in a near by village who has lots of space and hens of her own.

So we now have a new flock, of 10 hens this time. They are about a year old and came from a nearby farm shop who had bought hens to sell free range eggs, but had bought too many.

They're settled in now and are laying about 6-8 eggs a day between them.

They've not quite established their "pecking" order and there is a bit on in-fighting amongst them, but they will soon settle down.

Loch Ness

Took this photo while fishing in Inverfarigaig last week. What a beautiful afternoon.

September Sunshine

It was a beautiful day today at Loch Ness, so while Reece fished, I swam (it was very cold).

Good Crop Of Plums

Over the last couple of years we've started to develop of fruit corner of the garden. And today we've started to see the fruits of this labour. We've picked our first sizable crop of plums.

In addition to the plums tree we have two apple trees, a blueberry bush, a fig tree and a damson tree. Over this winter it is our intention to extend this area, we're going to dig out a large area, put plenty of manure in it and plant gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants.

Potato Crop

We've been down to our allotment this afternoon to dig out potatoes.

It was very disappointing, a few new potatoes but the main crop was hardly worth digging.

We did notice earlier in the year that the plants themselves died off very early, probably due to blight caused by the wet summer, so we suspect that's why the crop is so poor.

Shame really, after all the work of digging the ground and planting them.

Oh well, we will try and get some manure onto the ground this winter and them try again next year.

Young Male Deer

This young deer was spotted just outside the garden fence a few days ago.

Fruit Picking For Pottery House Jams

We went to Balvraid fruit farm yesterday to pick fruits for this seasons jams. We went a bit mad.

Brought home two baskets of raspberries, two of strawberries and two of gooseberries.

Strawberry & Raspberry jam is made, just gooseberry to go.

And 4lb of raspberries are in the freezer for wine-making later on in the year.

Flash Flood At Pottery House

We had an incredible rain storm this afternoon, it rained so heavily for a while that the guttering couldn't cope and was gushing over.

After the rain stopped we went out into the garden to discover that the lawn had started to bubble up in huge mounds with water trapped undernear. The water was then forcing it's way up through the paving slabs of our path, gushing into the pond, overflowing across the path the other side, running across our vegitable patch and then flooding the chicken run.

We've never seen this before at Pottery House even during the wettest times in the winter.

Luckily the worst damage it has caused is to wash away a few plants and remove a lot of top soil.

Water coming up through the path and running into the pond.

Water then overflows out of the pond, across the path and across the vegitable garden.

Runs out into the chicken run.

The Pottery House Meadow

It's long been our wish to create a wild flower meadow in the garden and so last Spring we cleared aand dug a large section of lawn and plated wild flower seeds.

The results where somewaht disappointing, however this year it's looking much more as we planned.

There is a wide range of grasses growing in the meadow, but at last a few wild flowers are starting to appear, like poppies, daisies and buttercup. Hopefully these will seed and spread.

However this chap already appears pleased with the progress of the wild area, he was very happy sitting in the damp wet grass.

Baby Blue Tits, with their mother

We've had two fledgling blue tits in the garden all day with their parents. They seems completely oblivious to us out there doing the gardening, the babies being more interested in the parents flying back and forth feeding them.

Garden Birds

The garden seems to be teeming with birds at the moment: blue tits, great tits, siskins, woodpeckers, pheasants, chaffinches, cole tits and green finches. Don't remember there ever being so many about in the 3 years we've lived at Pottery House.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers

Another visitor to the Pottery House garden, most often seen in the Spring and summer, but sometimes at other times of the year are Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

They must have a nest in the trees near the house, because this male makes repeated trips all day between our nut feeder and the forest.

Summer Visitor Returns

The siskins have made a welcome return to the garden at Pottery House, in the last few days. We've only seen a couple so far, there where many last year. Perhaps the others are still on their travels back from Africa.

The Pond at Pottery House

When we moved to Pottery House in 2004 the pond was a bit of a muddy hole in the ground, devoid of life.

So we planted loads of oxygenating plants, introduced a few gold fish and started planting the edges.

Now the pond is teeming with life. There has been a big, writhing mass of tadpoles for the past few days on the edge of the pond and this morning we spotted 5 newts. There are also a few baby fish around.

The oxygenating plants are taking over and need clearing out, other pond plants such as mint are spreading healthily and the marsh marigolds have taken hold and are now in flower.

Much more planting to do round the edges but we're pleased with the results so far.

Water Recycling Project - Wrong Pipe Size

These things are never easy, there is always some complication not matter what DIY task you attempt (or is it just me?).

Today I finished all the outlet connections, these means that the water tanks are now connected to the shower pump and on to the tap on the outside wall. Hurrah.

Now to connect the tanks to the outlet pipe from the washing machines. First I ran one of the machines, went under the house and held onto the pipe to make sure I'm working on the correct pipe. The thought did occur to me that it's a little late in the project to be doing this, but as I'm getting to the point where I cut into the house plumbing and if it goes wrong we can't use the washing machines (which is a B&B may be a little of a problem), I thought I'd better check non the less. It was the correct pipe, phew!

Now it has occurred to me that if I don't put a U bend in the pipe between the tanks and the drains all the noxious gases will escape. It was then that I realised that th…

Poor Soil

We have a problem with the soil at Pottery House, in that it's not very good. So we had a delivery of manure today which we can feed all the flower and vegitable beds. However when it arrived (compliments of a local farmer) it's a much bigger pile than we expected.

It's a great deal of work to spread it around where it's needed.

Water Recycling Project - Update

It's been a while since I've had time to progress this project, but today I resumed work.

I've been trying to fit the outside tap on the wall and run the pipe through to underneath the house. First of all I found that the hole I had drilled was too small for a 15mm copper pipe, so I had to drill some more, through breeze-block, which is tough.

At this point I discovered that I couldn't find my pipe cutter, so this was my first trip to the hardware-store.

Once I had the pipe through I tried bending the pipe (using a spring) but the pipe buckled and I had to rip the whole thing out and start again. This time I left 18" of pipe protruding and bent it on my knee (again with a spring) and this time it bent correctly. But then I found that the bend was too shallow so I couldn't run the pipe down the wall to my tap. So that bend had to be cut off and I made another trip to the hardware store to buy pre-soldered elbows.

This time I soldered on the elbow and finally manage…

Fantastic Weather

Wow. the weather here in the Highlands has been absolutely wonderful for the past week or so. Warm with clear blue skies.

And with all the trees coming into leaf (with a fresh green colour) and the primroses and gorse covered in yellow flowers everywhere looks beautiful.

Spring Weather

We've been enjoying some beautiful spring weather in the Highlands over the last couple of weeks, with many days with not a cloud in the sky.

Not been quite as nice for the Easter weekend, but still had sunny spells.

Pottery House In The News

We where delighted to see this week, an article in the Inverness Courier about Pottery House and how we've acheived a Gold standard in the Green Tourism Scheme.

We are very proud of our Gold status and delighted that the Inverness Courier considered it sufficiently significant to cover.

Beautiful Spring Weather

Spring has finally arrived in the Highlands, the sky has been clear, with warm sunshine for the past 5 days. A chance to get out in the garden and do some work and also time to get all that fuschias and geraniums out from their winter stored.

Pottery House Goes Gold

We are delighted to announce that the Green Business Scheme has awarded us, Pottery House B&B, a GOLD award for our environmentally aware business practices.

It's been two years since our first inspection, when we where bronze. We've been working hard over this time to help us improve our rating and we are extremely pleased to have reached GOLD standard.

However this is no time for complacency, we still have lots to do not least our water recycling scheme, documented earlier in this Blog.


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we've been away for a winter break.

South Loch Ness Access Group - Web Site

We're pleased to see that the new South Loch Ness Access Group web site is up and running, with details of the new SOuth Loch Ness walks - Trail of The 7 Lochs.

If you're planning a visit to the South Loch Ness area then we recommend you have a look at this web site, especially if you're in the area during 10th - 14th July when they have their trail launch.

Full details at

Our resident Kestrel

Our resident Kestrel was seen in the garden this morning, dive-bombing the smaller birds around the seed feeders.

It's a beautiful day here in the Highlands, clear blue sky and quite mild.

Work Completed at Pottery House

We've had the local electrician in most of this week helping us implement some changes at Pottery House.

We wanted to replace the bedside lamps in all 3 rooms with wall lights, to give better light when reading in bed and to give more space on bedside cabinets. We've also had ceiling lights installed into the two double rooms to replace lamps on the desks. Again for better light and more space.

The new shelves have also been installed in the ensuite bathrooms to give more space for personal belongings.

We will update the room photos on the web site soon at very soon.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

During last weekend we took part in the RSPB garden watch project to count the birds in the garden during an hour. Full details are here

Here are our results:

Blackbird: 2
Blue tit: 9
Chaffinch: 6
Coal Tit: 7
Great tit: 11
House sparrow: 3
Long-tailed tit: 11
Robin: 3
Woodpigeon: 3
Wren 2
Pheasant: 3
Great spotted woodpecker: 1

Time Of Year For Marmalade

At Pottery House B&B all our jams and preserves served with breakfast are home made. In fact strawberries, raspberries and blackberries we pick ourselves.

This time of year, January/February, is the time the Seville oranges are in season, so it's time to make marmalade and today was the day.

I read a recipe somewhere that suggested that adding a tablespoon of black treacle to the mix just before putting in jars gives a lovely dark golden colour, so I gave that a try.

Here's the recipe I used, it makes quite a lot of marmalade so you probably want to half it for home use.

3kg Seville Oranges (We used organic from Waitrose)
4kg sugar
8 lemons

Put the oranges in a large pot with enough water so they float. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 1 - 1.5 hours.

Put a piece of muslin over a bowl. Cut each orange in half, put the pith and pips into the Muslin, and then slice the orange into strips and put in your preserving pan (or large heavy bottomed saucepan).

Add the juice from the lem…

Dores Post Office Saved

In the Press & Journal today an article about forthcoming Post Office closure named Dores as one of the post offices that have been saved.

That's good news.

Kestrel Outside the Front Door

Last night I went out in the sleet/snow, to put an item out for collection in the morning. As I opened the front door I heard something drop to the ground behind the bay tree that sits just outside.

I went and fetched my torch and to my amazement it was a female Kestrel. I guess she was using the bay tree as a sheltered roost, so I let her be.

We often seen Kestrels in the garden dive-bombing the smaller birds, but I've never seen one so close before.

Long Tailed Tits

We had Long Tailed Tits in the garden yesterday, on the nut feeder outside the kitchen window.

Although we've seen them a few times in the area, usually in flocks up in the trees, this is the first time we've seen them in the garden.

Must be a shortage of food, especially at this time of year.