Water Recycling Project: The Piping Begins

Things are finally starting to take shape with this project. As you can see below I've installed the pipe outlet into tank 2 from which the water will overflow back into the main drain pipe.

I've also connected a copper pipe to the bottom of tank 1, this is where the water will be fed to the pump and then on to the outside tap. Bit of a challenge this one as I've only ever worked with copper piping once before and that was under instruction from my friend Michael, who's a dab-hand at this plumbing lark.

I was especially please as I managed to bend the 22mm copper pipe to the shape I needed (using a spring) and also solder the two lengths together to reach the pump. It's also connected to the bottom of the tank. Don't know if all these joints ae water-proof mind you!!!

And finally today I've connected the two tanks together, well almost. I've cut the holes in the tanks and have the joining pipe, but I need to tank connectors which I've ordered on Ebay today.


  1. All in all, it went well. Only problems I had where:
    tank 1 isn't sitting flush on the ground, think I'll have to sort that out before I fill it up with water
  2. I burnt my fingers while soldering the two pipes together, ouch!!


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