Water Recycling Project: Phase -1, does my butt look too big

If you've been reading my blog about my water saving project then you may remember that I bought a water butt for storing water under the house, but then found it wouldn't fit!

Glen then pointed out that next to the wood shed is a 25 gallon water tank that he was using as a water butt (which we inherited when we bought the house), and suggested I swap the two round.

Great Idea, and hence phase -1. Have to do this before I can start my eco project.

The new water butt has a tap at the bottom so you can fill your watering-can, so it needs to be on a stand so that you can fit the can under the tap. So today while I was in the DIY store I bought a stand and another 25 gall tank.

I could then replace the tank by the wood shed with a the water butt, and then I have two tanks for my construction project.

Ta Da!!!!!


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