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Away To Mull AGain

No posts for a few days because we've had family visiting, so we've been to Mull (again) for a visit.

This time we visited the south end of the Island, staying overnight in the very nice Achaban House just outside Fionnphort.

On Monday we took the ferry across to Iona, just for a short walk.

On Tuesday we took a boat trip to the Island of Staffa, which is one of the most amazing places I've been to in the world. I've known of Fingals Cave since music lessons at school when I was quite young, so to actually be there was quite amazing.

On Mull we saw sea eagles and otters.

A very enjoyable visit.

Water Recycling Project - The Plan

Here is the final plan of our water saving project.

The idea is that waste water from the wachine machines will flow into the tanks under the house. We're using two tanks because we didn't think one would hold enough. We can't put one large tank in because of the limited head space under the house.

The water flows into 1 tank and then through a connecting pipe into the second. The second tank has an overflow into the main drain, with a water trap to stop smells escaping.

We went for this two connected tanks idea, with the water flowing into one and then overlfowing out of the other so that in the winter when we are not using the water for the garden there will always be a flow of water through both tanks which should help stop the water stagnating.

The tanks will be connected to an old shower pump, connected in turn to a tap on the outside of the house. Turn on the tap and in kicks the pump and out flows the water. That's the theory anyway!!!

Environmentally Friendly Water Recycling Project

At Pottery House we try to be environmentally friendly and we already have a Bronze from the Green tourism scheme, but we're always looking for ways to improve.

It occurred to us the other day that we use quite a lot of water on the garden so it would be good to find a way to reuse household waste. We have a plan!!!

As Pottery House is built on a hill there is a large area under the house, through which the pipes and electrics run. We've had the idea of putting a couple of water tanks under there and connecting them up to the waste pipes from the washing machines in the utility room. We will then get an old shower-pump and connect the tanks, via the pump, to a tap on the outside of the house. Then whenever we want water for the garden we can use the waste from the washing machines instead of fresh water.

As we always use ECOVER washing products there shouldn't be an issue with the water quality.

Seems like a great idea, so we're going to give it a try. We where in Wicks th…

Wonderful Weather

Wow. Friday, Saturday and most of today has been absolutely beautiful. Friday was clear blue skies, a little high cloud on Saturday, then nice most of today and a lot warmed.

Autumn is on the way

Now that we are well into September tehre's a definate chill in the air and the sunshine has a much more golden colour than during the summer months.

The garden is still in full bloom, but for home much long I ma not sure. The current 5 day forecast for the area is for 3deg C tomorrow night and 2deg for Friday night. I expect that will kill a lot of blooms and start the trees changing.