Basking Shark in the Moray Firth

We went to Chanonry Point on the Black Isle for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, just to see if we could see the bottle-nosed dolphins.

No dolphins, but to our amazement we saw a basking shark. It looked like a seal nose sticking out of the water at first, but then the whole fin can out of the water, in fact you could see two fins. We only knew what it was because we saw them on our boat trip out of Tobermoray on Mull a few weeks ago.

It caused quite a stir with all the dolphin watchers rushing down to the waters edge to watch it meander past. One gentleman told me that that was the first time in 37 years that he'd seen a basking shark in the Firth.

Sadly no photos as I didn't take my camera with me that day.


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