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Loch Ness Sunsets

Not had many outstanding sunsets recently, until last night. Amazing.

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Peacock Butterflies

After I said in yesterdays post that I haven't seen many peacock butterflies this year, today in the garden they outnumbered the red admirals.

Basking Shark in the Moray Firth

We went to Chanonry Point on the Black Isle for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, just to see if we could see the bottle-nosed dolphins. No dolphins, but to our amazement we saw a basking shark. It looked like a seal nose sticking out of the water at first, but then the whole fin can out of the water, in fact you could see two fins. We only knew what it was because we saw them on our boat trip out of Tobermoray on Mull a few weeks ago. It caused quite a stir with all the dolphin watchers rushing down to the waters edge to watch it meander past. One gentleman told me that that was the first time in 37 years that he'd seen a basking shark in the Firth. Sadly no photos as I didn't take my camera with me that day.

Butterflies On The buddleia

This year seems to be a very good year for butterflies here in the Highlands, especially at the moment, late summer. Cabbage whites and peacocks are frequent visitors, but the Red Admiral seems to be in abundance especially on the buddleia. The only down side to this is our swedes and cabbages have been ravaged by caterpillars.

Pottery House Garden

One of the great pleasures of running a B&B is to have the time to look after the garden. The first summer we where here, 2004, we didn't really have time to do much as we only moved in in May. Last year the garden was very disappointing, partly I think due to teh cold summer, and partly due to the soil being poor here. This year has been much better though. Our pots and hanging baskets are looking very good at the moment, as well as the flower beds. And one thing I like t grow is standard fuschias, I start with 69p pots from the garden centre and by this time of year they should be reasonable sized bushes. But the trick to stunning standards is to keep them over the winter, they always look fantastic from the 2nd year on. Here are a few of mine.

Loch Ness Sunsets

Although it's been a beautiful summer here in the Scottish Highlands, the number of impresive sunsets across Loch Ness has been down on previous years. I wonder why? This evening had a beautiful sky though. This photo was taken from the garden at Pottery House across the Loch to Abriachan. More sunset photos in our gallery at

Summers Day On The Beach

We spent the afternoon today on the beach at Nairn. It was 24deg and mostly sunny, so nice in fact that I went for a swim in the sea. It's strange swimming at Nairn, because of the sand banks you have to walk a long way out before you find enough water to swin in. And then some way out the water starts to get shallower again. The water was quite cold, took some getting used to.

Rain, rain and then it rained some more.

The past few months have been very dry here, the burn that runs into our garden has been dry for months and even the river that runs across Dores beach into Loch Ness is dry. However yesterday it rained and rained and rained. It rained so heavily at one point that it was bouncing off the roof, haven't seen rain like that for a long time. Even Loch Ness has risen to it's highest level since late winter.

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