Visit To Mull

We've wanted to go to the Isle Of Mull for a long time, the original plan was to visit in time to see the sea-eagles on their nests, but we where too visit to do that. So we kept a couple of days clear last week and set off for the ferry at Lochaline.

The drive there took a great deal longer than we expected and we reached Lochaline just in time to wave good bye to the ferry, so we had a long wait for the next crossing. So it was 3.30 before we reached Mull, but once there we where amazed how beautiful it is, helped I suspect a little by the fact that the day we had chosen was of clear blue skies.

We made our way slowly up the Island to Tobermoray and the first place we visited was for boat trips. We where in luck, there was an extra trip that day at 5pm, by now it was 4 o'clock so we paid our money and went in search of our B&B for a freshen-up before returning to catch the boat.

The views of the Island, as well as the mainland where fantastic, but our hopes where not high on seeing all the animals promised on the trip. We couldn't;t have been more wrong. First sighting was a minky whale in a inlet diving for fish.

Next we where treated to large pod of common dolphins (which we learnt are actually not as common as bottlenose dolphins). We watched them for must be an hour, at times they swam next to and under the boat, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Later the boat captain spotted as basking shark, so we followed him for a while and a slowly swam and fed on the water surface.

On the way back to Tobermoray we spotted many porpoise, jelly fish (both moon and lions mane) and gannets overhead.

It was well worth the money for this trip.

After a fish and chip supper in the local bar we had a wonderful night stay at The Copeland B&B.

The following day the weather was not so kind, it fact it was cloudy and wet most of the time. We had a leisurely drive around the north end of the Island, Calgary bay was beautiful even in the rain.

We where then told that if you want to see Sea Eagles one of the best places is Loch Na Keal, so we headed off in that direction. We drove around the Loch but saw nothing so decided to head for the ferry home. However on the way back we saw a family group near the beach looking through binoculars and a telescope so we stopped. They excitedly told us that there where two sea eagles sitting on the beach, we had a look and sure enough there they where. They thought they where young birds and might even be the famed Itchy & Scratchy from the BBC Spring Watch program.

We sat and watched the two eagles for quite some time before once again heading off for the ferry home.

All in all a fabulous couple of days on Mull.


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