Sunny Afternoon on The Black Isle

It was a nice sunny day here once we'd finished cleaning the rooms, so we went to the Black Isle for the afternoon.

Drove to Cromarty first which is a lovely, quiet, little town with a very sea-sidey feel to it. We decided to try the new Pizza restaurant called Suton Creek, where they cook home made pizzas in a wood-burning oven. We waited ages, then the waitress (I think she was the owner too) came over and appologies that there had been a mistake with our order and it would be a little while longer. After 15 mins she came over again and apologiesed once again and gave us a free drink each.

When the food arrived it was delicous, so all in all a very positive experience. The fact that they cared enough about our custom to compensate us for the mistake and subsequent wait, and the fact that the food was very good would mean we would definately go back.

After lunch we had a walk around Cromarty and then stopped off at Chanonry Point to watch the dolphins on the way home.


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