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Applecross and Torridon

We had a day off on Thursday so we headed out to Applecross. The drive from Loch carron across the mountains to Applecross was amazing. A very windy single track road that climbs to 2000'. It was a shame that the cloud base was rather low, so once we reached the top we disappeared into a thick fog. Applecross itself is a nice village on the sea, we walked down the coast a couple of miles and saw many different birds, particularly Sky-Larks. We then drove north to Loch Torridon (see photo) and then cut across country back to Inverness and then to home. Shame the weather wasn't better, it was lovely and sunny from 4pm onwards, just as we where heading home.

Summer At Last

After several very cold weeks the warm weather has finally returned to Pottery House. We've spent most of the day in the garden planting out and sunbathing.